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    About GCS Worldwide - Our History

      Global Credit Solutions Limited originated in Australia and in the last two decades has expanded offshore to Asia, Europe, Middle-East, and Gulf & Americas. The company was incorporated to provide services in the vital area of Global Credit & Risk Management areas to help its clients for a planned & sustained growth. The company now operates around the world, providing premium services to its ever increasing list of high profile clients. Global Credit Solutions (GCS) is one of the world's largest credit & risk management specialists. With more than 4,000 people, employed in over 90 countries, GCS has the resources to ensure that its clients are protected from risk wherever they might be trading.

      The principals of Global Credit Solutions Ltd have a minimum of forty (40) years experience; and in most Countries are leaders in debt collection, credit services and risk management services making the group Global Leader in these services with a strong global network, GCS group has erased the boundaries in these services, making our clients growth much efficient.

      Modern communications and customized technology make Global Credit Solutions extremely efficient. Information transmission to almost any part of the world is instantaneous. Today the company is recognized by the International business community as leading experts in the fields of credit management, debt collection, credit reporting and risk management services.

    About GCS India

      GCS Management Solutions India Pvt Ltd (GCS India) is the Indian arm of Global Credit Solutions Pty Ltd, the International leader in credit and risk services. Based in New Delhi, GCS India has reach in all the major metropolitan, Tier II and Tier III cities across the geography of India. GCS India leverages its group network of over 90 countries worldwide for all International cases and brings to the Indian market highly sophisticated, technologically advanced and unparalleled credit and risk services meeting international standards.

    GCS India is a preferred partner for number of clients due to the advantages we offer:

  • Part of the leading international specialized group with highly evolved SOP’s.
  • Ability to leverage latest developments worldwide due to the extensive global network.
  • Team of highly dedicated and trained professionals with a proven track record specializing in credit management and risk services.
  • Proficiency in the Debt recovery, multiple credit and risk services ensuring continual success.
  • Stringent in-house quality training and IT.
  • Committed to impart best in class credit and risk services.
  • High levels of services at reasonable rates
  • Collection cases handled by trained counselors with clear focus on maintaining/reviving relationships between our clients and the customers (B2B).
  • Highly customized credit reports focused on each customer’s specific needs.
  • Ability to reach out to highest management level in debtor companies for large/complex collection cases.
  • Comprehensive investigation services and responsive risk management solutions.
  • Trained resources for in depth investigative research and analysis of grey/counterfeit market.
  • Best in class preventive and punitive solutions for addressing IPR infringements and monitoring resurgence.
  • Pan – India presence
  • Unique & proprietary Case Management System (CMS) available to clients anywhere, anytime to check progress of their credit and risk cases.

    Case Management System (CMS)

  • Available anytime, anywhere for our clients, through our web based secure CMS – provides on line progress for each case.
  • Allows clients to interact through notes/comments and helps resolve gaps and queries pertaining to cases.
  • Complete automated system managing organization work flow, developed after 4 years of research & evaluation.
  • User friendly
  • Provides reports in variety of custom-made formats to suit specific requirements.

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