Debt Collection
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  • Generally based on a no-collect / no-fee commission basis; on monies actually collected.
  • Thorough understanding of the local Indian scenario for handing cases across the Country.
  • Leveraging our group presence in over 90 Countries for effectively addressing international cases.
  • Understanding the legality of each claim, applying the suitable strategy in order to effectively resolve and collect.
  • Multiple modes utilized to follow the pending debts including telephone calls, demand letters and personal field visits.
  • Every effort made to settle debt amicably through debtor counseling, without instigating legal action at the initial stage.
  • Specialization in Accounts Receivables Management with end-to-end cash flow optimization.
  • Debtor’s financial situation and assets assessed to cover debt for, if at any point debtor refuses to negotiate recovery.
  • Accurate legal advice and information to recover debt.
  • Each case handled proficiently and efficiently by highly trained, experienced and seasoned resources/negotiators/counselors.
  • Preparation and submission of detailed progress reports to keep the client regularly informed.

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