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      Global Credit Solutions Limited originated in Australia and in the last two decades has expanded offshore to Asia, Europe, Middle-East, and Gulf & Americas. The company was incorporated to provide services in the vital area of Global Credit & Risk Management areas to help its clients for a planned & sustained growth. The company now operates around the world, providing premium services to its ever increasing list of high profile clients. Global Credit Solutions (GCS) is one of the world's largest credit & risk management specialists. With more than 4,000 people, employed in over 90 countries, GCS has the resources to ensure that its clients are protected from risk wherever they might be trading.....
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    Regional Directors


      Global Credit Solutions continues to invest heavily in Internet technology catering to both local and international requirements. As a result, we will be able to establish a truly automated Internet Interface for the complete risk management cycle from Credit searches to file placement and extensive reporting, which will create new and diverse opportunities for us, and our customers.
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      Quality and professionalism is what Global Credit Solutions has focused upon since it commenced operations. Global Credit Solutions is committed to being at the forefront of Risk Management in the field of Credit, Trade and Business Reports, Debt Collection, Account Receivables Management, Specialising in fraud and Investigations.
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    Code of Practice

      Collectors are to understand the nature & background of every debt assignment prior to commencement of collection action. Collectors are to understand the debtor's financial background, resources and position (through our database, investigation, enquiries and client's given information) prior to commencement of collection action so as to plan an appropriate repayment proposal.
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